Monday, March 15, 2010

How long can I call him BABY?

So, Xander turned three on Saturday. Where has the time gone? Every time I looked at the clock on Saturday, I would reminisce about what I was doing at that time three years ago. Nine AM - laying in the hospital bed with contractions. 11 AM - the Dr. finally shows up (Five hours after I checked in to be induced). One in the afternoon - Dr. broke my water. Seven PM - Dr. decides that I need an emergency c-section since I haven't dilated more than 3cm. 7:38 PM - My baby is here and he is the love of my life! (you know, besides Tracy)

And now my baby is THREE! So much has happened in the last three years. But it has gone by so fast. Our heads are still spinning but we are so in love with this little person who has changed our lives.

We started the day by hunting (or as Xander says, "I'm a detective looking for clues.") for his presents. I hid them around the house the night before so he wasn't overwhelmed by a pile of presents...this way, he found them one at a time, got to open each one, enjoy it and play with it for a while and then look for another one. I forgot about taking pictures until half way through "the hunt" so this is the first picture I got.

Found another one!

And another!

Later that day we went to the Durham museum; one of Xander's favorite places here because of all the trains. Also, right now they have a huge display of vintage pedal cars. His absolute favorite part of the museum is the gift shop. He chose a Steam Engine Train Toob. It's just a clear tube with lots of little train cars and a steam engine inside. He loves it.
Then we got home and the mail man came! A present from his best friend in Texas! Thanks Ian!

That evening, his little girlfriend, Simone, came over to help him celebrate the big day. Thank you, Simone!

We had a great time. I made a big cookie for Xander instead of a cake since he won't eat cake. Or ice cream. Oh, and I burnt his cookie. I'm such an awesome mom. So he didn't end up eating the big cookie either. He opted for one of the regular sized ones that I didn't burn. LOL He loved blowing out his #3 candle...Tracy kept relighting the candle for him to blow out. I also made one of those giant cupcakes. That was fun. But if you ever make one, have a plan for cutting it up. Once you cut through it, each side falls over and then you just have a big mess. I will need to figure out the best way to cut it up. If you know how, let me know!

Xander is three. Can I still call him my baby?