Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Baby's Alter Ego

We got our ultrasound where they gave us the sex of Wubwub. Looks like we're having a boy. But there were a few things that I noticed in the ultrasound that the doctor did not... Here is the ultrasound:

You can see Wubwub's head on the right side of the picture, the eyes and brow ridge... We actually got two pictures at this visit, but as far as I can tell, both pictures are identical. We got some other pictures earlier, but again, they all look the same. I'm begining to wonder if Wubwub hears the ultrasound coming and poses. Now here's what I saw, and tell me if you don't notice just a slight resemblance:

Or possibly this:

I'm not sure, but I think Wubwub's career path is already planned as an evil villian. I guess we'll start to wonder if he begins making outrageous claims like he invented the questionmark, or accusing chestnuts of being lazy.

Although, one good look at his belly in the ultrasound and I think he has a different career path before him:

We'll have to see which path he chooses. At least this way, he wont fall down. That would be good news.

I think we're pretty set on his middle name. Sorry family, but it's not going to be Eugene. We're going with Gage. Now we just need a first name. Shanyn wanted Deisel, but when we put it together with his middle name we realized that was out. "Hi, I'm Deisel Gage Claycomb, and this is my sister, Odometer." We're leaning towards Jaxom or Xander.

More to come!

Monday, October 09, 2006

And so it begins!

So I guess I have to start somewhere. I had all the best intentions of building my own blogspot on my web site, but you know, why reinvent the wheel. Hopefully this Blogger site will work well.
This Wednesday is Shanyn's birthday, our anniversary, and the day we get to find out the sex of Wubwub. Every year I've tried to out-do the year before. Last year, we went to Orlando and went to all the theme parks and swam with a beluga whale. I don't know that there is much more that I can do, especially since we are saving for Wubwub's arrival. Maybe this will have to be the big equalizer year. Give me a chance to start over at zero. Then again, finding out if we are having a boy or a girl is pretty special. And since we are supposed to pay for the whole maternity this Wednesday as well, this birthday will still cost more than last year.