Thursday, May 06, 2010

Our Easter, in an eggshell.

So I am finally getting around to posting about Easter at our house. I'm not doing so great with updating my blog. I will try to be better. But with the great spring weather we are having, we spend most of our mornings, days and evenings outside. Xander loves being outside.
OK, so on to the post.

Happy Easter, Xander!

This is what was waiting for him when he got up. His shoe is tied to a very very very long string. I got this idea from Roots and Wings Co.- it's a blog that I love.


So, he got to follow the yarn all over the house. He thought it was so fun!

Over the shark tent:

Into my craft room:

Through his story box:

Downstairs into daddy's office:

Through the bathroom:

And finally, the Easter basket is found.....
In his ball pit!

Ta Dah! That's what he said when he found it. LOL

Then came the Easter egg hunt in the back yard. It was fun to watch him run around the yard, looking for the eggs. Some of the eggs were the talking eggs.
You can see them here
No, I didn't pay that price for them. They were about half that price at Target. It made it fun to hear the eggs calling from different areas of the yard. The other eggs had hotwheels cars in them. One had M&Ms. Here are some pictures of the hunt.

The best part of the hunt was that we actually have a rabbit that frequently stops by our back yard so Xander thinks that is the Easter Bunny who hid the eggs and brought him a basket and hopped through the house with the yarn. It's awesome.

Later that day we went over to our friend's house. Liz and JP and, of course, Simone, Xander's girlfriend. We had a great dinner of salmon and asparagus. I made some desserts....ok, so it was more like TOO MANY desserts. But I wanted to try out all of the fun things I had found on blogs!
I made the carrot boxes (I filled them with candy and they became place cards for the dinner table) and Easter S'mores from the RootsAndWingsCo blog. Holy Yummy, Batman! The S'mores were awesome! I also made some chocolate eggs filled with chocolate mousse. Making the eggs was harder than it looked like it would be and much much messier than I had anticipated. Oh, and they turned out huge. LOL
I also made chicky cupcakes and mini bundt bird nests. Here are the pictures:

It was a great Easter and it was great to spend time with the Legerskis.