Friday, January 21, 2011

Today is THURSDAY....

not Friday. You wanna know how I know this? Well, let me tell you. It's not because I have a calendar...or three through out the house. Nope. It's not because I was watching the news this evening and they said, "good evening, this is Thursday, January 20th...." no. It's not even because I wrote the date out, 1/20/11 no less than 20 times today. nuh uh. Those are all NOT the reason why I know that today is Thursday and NOT Friday.

I know because I dressed my child in his pajamas, tried to get shoes on his feet...but they didn't fit because he was wearing footie pjs, bundled him up in a hat, scarf, coat, mittens and a blanket, bundled myself up much the same way, sans blanket and then I carried said child out to the car, put him in his car seat, wrapped him up in the blanket and drove across town to Barnes & Noble for Story time with Clifford. I got there and parked and while attempting to get my child out of his car seat (he had fallen asleep) I leaned on my keys and accidentally pressed the panic button so the car horn is honking (child is no longer asleep) and in my attempt to shut the car up, I opened the back hatch window, locked the car, unlocked the car...all while the car is still honking, because I have no idea how to stop the honking....first time this has happened with this car...finally found the button that makes it stop...who would have thought....the panic button is also the button that stops the panic! LOL
OK, so I carry my 40 pound shoe-less child through the parking lot...did I mention it is 8* out tonight? Get him inside...barely....before dropping him and take off his mittens, his hat, his scarf, his coat...then mine...head back to the kids section....there is hardly anyone there! I'm shocked! Only one little boy playing with the trains. Odd. I thought this place would be CRAWLING with big people and little people. Mostly little people with a big person. But there wasn't! None of this has clued me into the fact that I have the day wrong. No.... I even called my husband because I couldn't believe he wasn't there yet....UGH! He was late!
After playing with the trains for 20 min. I look at the time and notice that Clifford is nowhere to be found. I finally pull my child away from the train table so I can go to the info desk and ask why nobody, including Clifford, isn't here for the Clifford Story time pajama party. How could I be the only one on time for this??? Well, let's see....that would be because it is Thursday and the Clifford event is actually tomorrow...FRIDAY! DUH! I mean, what is the matter with me??? I have it marked on my calendars...all three of them....that it's on FRIDAY. Why did I think today was Friday? I have no idea.
Sooooo....I have to break it to my child that Mommy got it wrong....and we need to go home and come back tomorrow night. That went over like a brick, as you can imagine. I call my husband and un-yell at him and tell him to just meet us at home. Then I bundle up the kid, and myself...and I carry him back through the 8* parkinglot and get him in the car....barely....before I drop him into the car...get him buckled in, bundled up with the blanket, and drove home....all with a 3 yr old asking if it's tomorrow yet. Over and over and over.
I am the special kind of smart that they reserve the short bus for.