Friday, December 22, 2006

I thought I would give a tour of the baby's room for those who can't make it out to Dallas. Please keep your hands and legs inside the cart at all times and permanacer sentados por favor.

Callie was kind enough to have diarrhea in the middle of the floor already. I think she really wanted to help out with the decorating. Luckily she just tried to help out with the flooring and not the painting.

Here's the wall that seemed a whole lot easier in my head than when I tried to actually do it. I think from now on I need to take how easy I THINK something is going to be and add 50%. We'll call it the "yeah right" differential.

Here's the light fixture. It's sort of a joint effort between Lowes and Ikea. "Let's build something together!" Shanyn was a little nervous when I took my new purchases and went looking for wire-cutters, pliers, and a screw-driver.

We have a few giraffes for the baby. I hope he likes them as much as we are planning. On the window seat, there is a Tigger and a Sylvester, just in case! We can't remove that tag from the chair under penalty of law. (Dear mattress police: as you can see, the tag is still firmly attached!)

Here is baby's furniture. See that small rug in front of the crib? That is covering up the small spot where Callie had diarrhea.... who am I trying to kid?! It started there. It went to the changing table to the window in the picture above and ended up in front of the closet (not pictured)! I had just installed the flooring about two weeks prior. Why can't we have nice things? But I guess better the wood than the carpet that was in there before, eh? I think if it were the carpet, we would still be trying to get the smell out of the room.

That concludes our tour of the baby's room. Please exit to the left of the tram and watch your step. :)

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