Sunday, October 05, 2008

I got tagged!

I was tagged! Six weird and random things about me!

The rules are:

* Link to the person who tagged you (JW)
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So, here they are...

1. I have to match Xander's sippy cups with the correct lids.....the ones that they came with from the store (even if other lids fit or are the same brand or whatever....they have to have the lids that originally came with the cup. I did the same thing with Xander's Playtex bottles- they had to have the right ring and cap) This drives Tracy CRAZY!
2. I pick the skin off my right thumb. I can't not do it.
3. I weight myself about 60 times a day. My weight hasn't changed for months and months and it is so depressing but I still do it.
4. I have Cinemarkalepsy. I fall asleep in EVERY movie. Every. Single. One.
5. I can never mail anyone a present on time. I absolutely HATE the post office or any other mailing place. So unless someone else mails it for me, you aren't getting it on time. Or sometimes only when you come and get it from me.
6. I like to fake online shop. I put things I want into my "shopping bag or cart" and then exit the website. I get my shopping fun but I don't spend any money. Hey. It works for me. Don't knock it.

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Mitchell's said...

Oh my gosh I have Cinemarkalepsy too! It drives Jared nuts! It's nice to know I am not the only one. :) Harm

joywinn said...

K, good luck with Gayleen and Laura doing it. I tagged them and never heard a word...

How did we get to be so opposite with sleeping/not sleeping through a movie??!

I'm right there with you on mailing a package.

Erica said...

Too funny! We are weird creatures. The things that "control" us.

Evie said...

I had to laugh when I read your first post. I am EXACTLY the same way. It drives Conrad crazy, and it drives me crazy when they don't match - I would rather them go without a lid then with the wrong one. When I told Conrad about it... he said that it must be a "girl thing".