Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween at our house....

I need to start this post out by saying Tracy is the brains of this operation....I am the one who executes it all. So, Tracy was the one who thought up the idea for Xander's costume and I put it together....except for the lettering...Tracy did that.
Those are just always the first questions we get when people see Xander in his costume...."Who thought that up?" and "Where did you get that?"

We had a fall festival at our church building on Saturday (the 25th) where there was supposed to be a costume contest. Apparently, someone complained to the bishop that their kids never win so there was no costume contest this year. How about people just grow up? If your kids don't win, it's because you aren't creative enough! Sheesh! So what if Joy's kids and our kid win every year? It's because we come from the same gene pool...we are smart and creative and our kids are adorable! Deal with it people! If you want your kids to win, put them in something other than the standard Wal-Mart "princess" or "superhero" costume off the rack! OK, I am off my soap box now. Sorry for the small tangent.
Here we go...

We drove straight from the airport to the church. We had Xander's costume in the car and we went into the mother's room at the church and put it on him. Here he is....Michael Phelps! (the early years...before all the training started)

Here he is from behind:

John McCain and Sarah Palin made an appearance at the festival:

Our friend Leo(organ grinder)with his son Cameron (monkey):

Xander loves pushing Logan around in his stroller (Logan was a puppy):

Xander with his friend, Luke, who was a 70's disco dude:

We had a play date with all our friends on Halloween. These kids have been together in Little Gym class all year. We have play dates every week and they all get along great. It was fun to get them all together with their costumes on.

Alaina (angel)and Madison (bee):

Gavin (BamBam) and Reese (Pebbles):

Brady as a crab:

Madison with her mom, Michelle:

Noah as a giraffe:

Noah with his mom, Nicole:

Gavin with his mom, Amanda (Betty):

Reese with her mom, Kristina (Wilma):

Group shot:

On our way home from the play date (one of the goody bags had these google eye glasses in them and Xander put them on...and kept them on!):

We didn't get any shots of Xander actually trick or treating that night but it was the funniest thing to watch. I had the stroller with us thinking that he wouldn't really get the whole idea and wouldn't want to walk but I couldn't have been more wrong. By the second house, he totally understood all of it. He would walk up to the home, show the person his medals, take some candy, put it in his pail and wave to the person. Then he would walk down the driveway and off he would go to the next house. We were laughing so hard! It was awesome! It was so much fun to go trick or treating with him and I am so glad we were both there (Tracy and I) to see it. But because we both went, we have TONS of left over candy since we weren't home to pass the candy out. Bummer. Guess we will just have to eat it all. LOL


stephanie said...

The Michael Phelps costume was absolutely awesome!!! Way to wear those medals, Xander. (McCain and Palin were great, too.)I too think the little ones are so cute when they catch on to the whole "trick or treat"---wow nice people are giving me candy---thing.

joywinn said...

OH my gosh. I'm still lol over your intro comments. Too funny! I love all the shots that you got! It's all awesome...esp. Xander. He would have won...well, he already did with his medals and all.

joywinn said...

I am still lol at your into comments. Too funny!!! I love all the shots that you got. Xander really did steal the show. He already has 8 gold medals, but it would have been nice to get that ninth! : )

Erica said...

You crack me up. I love the costumes! They were so creative and great! I will place another medal around his neck :) I am glad you all had such a fun Halloween!

Jamie said...

Xander looks awesome! Definately creative, I'll give you that, I would never have thought of it. I am right there with you with the costume contest thing. People can be such babies. They suck the fun out of holidays because like you said, they aren't creative, that is not our fault! I'm glad you had a great Halloween!

Mitchell's said...

You guys are both so creative! I love it. I have shown everyone I can the "Phelps" costume because it is just too adorable.

Evie said...

Conrad & I LOVE Xander's outfit!!! It is very creative. You guys would have won 1st place for sure...

Jamie said...

FYI: I changed my blog address to delete our last name from everything to safeguard the family from crazy blog stalkers. Our new address is When you list us under your blog list please don't use our last name. Thanks,