Friday, February 27, 2009

Xander Go Braugh!

Top O' the Mornin' to ya!
Grandma sent Xander his birthday present and said he could open it early. Here are some pictures of him opening the present and playing with his new "woooo woooo!" (that is what he calls a train).

I'm so excited!

How does this bow come off?

What's it say, Daddy?

Ripping paper is hard work!

OOOh OOOOh! What is it?

Open it up, Daddy!

Let's read these instructions...let's see...we need batteries.

OK, batteries are in, now let's see what this thing can do!

It plays Irish music when you push the train.

I love my new train! Thanks Grandma!


Erica said...

Ah how cute! Looks like a fun little train...CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO!

stephanie said...

Only your mom would find an Irish themed train! Awesome.

Evie said...

Xander just gets cuter and cuter! Lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becca-
Xander is Two!!! I can't stand it!! He is such a beautiful boy! The train is awesome- Josh loves trains! We need to get these two together to do some serious train play time.-

Wirthlin Way said...

Hey- I hit the wrong key anonymous is me!- Laura

Sean and Candace said...

Where did she find that train? I love it! I heard you guys were moving! When? Are you happy about it?

Kallie said...

Hey this is Kallie from All Things Thrifty.I'm sorry this is the only way I knew how to contact you. I hope that is ok. I just read your comment and I would like to send you all the hats that were featured on the blog to give to your sister. Will you email me personally at with your address so I can get them in the mail..maybe they could be a christams present! I hope for what she is going through she is doing good and will come out on top. Happy holidays!