Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweet Callie Girl

OK, so I haven't updated our blog for a looooong while. Mostly it is because we have just been soooooo busy with selling our house and moving and then moving again and trying to settle into our new house. But part of it is because we lost our sweet Callie in April to Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). I wanted to blog about her as a tribute or memorial or something but I just couldn't bring myself to write about her...somehow it would make it more real. And I didn't want to update the blog until I did the post about Callie. So I just didn't update the blog....maybe to avoid bringing it all to the surface. I still can't believe she is gone. We miss her so much! So I wanted to post some pictures of her. This is my Callaway.

I am very thankful to my sister, Joy, for coming over to our house to take some pictures of Callie before we had to let her go. They are all so perfect.

Her sweet paws....

A close can see her swollen wrist in this picture. That is the bone where the cancer was. She could barely walk.

A shot with Callie and Xander together. I told him to give her a kiss. My sweet babies.

Another close up. I love those eyes. They seem to know more than you would think a dog should know.

Just some random shots of Callie that make me smile:

Xander and Callie Christmas 2007

This is Callie on the couch when we lived in Chicago.

Callie with baby Xander.

One of our family pics for Christmas 2007.

Our Christmas picture in Chicago 2002.


Evan said...

Very fitting! The pics were a nice touch too!

Evie said...
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Evie said...

Big hugs!!!

The Fam said...

Welcome back to blogging! Such cute pics of your Callie. :)

Erica said...

Great pics of Callie!

stephanie said...

Sorry for your loss of such a good friend. I know Callie meant a lot. Nice pictures.