Friday, January 15, 2010

Our move to Omaha

Tracy's client in Dallas was Washington Mutual and they went out of business and were purchased by Chase bank. So, without a client, Tracy wouldn't have a job, essentially. So as the account was coming to a close, Tracy was scoping out new accounts. With the economy the way it's been, we didn't feel like we could be picky or choosy. So the first one that came up was the one we took. Hello Omaha.
I was so sad to be leaving my sister in Dallas and all the friends that I had made there. But you gotta go where the job is.
We decided that it would be a good idea to rent once we got there so we could take our time getting to know the area and get a feel for where we would like to buy a house. So, I had this brilliant idea. I thought we should rent a loft downtown. It was an ideal time. We needed an apartment to rent, I always wanted to live in a loft, we didn't have a dog (which was always Tracy's excuse for not wanting to). So Tracy set out to find a loft. He found a great one right in the old Market. Unfortunately, the one he found was not the one that was available. He toured an upper level loft...the building has 6 floors. We got one on the ground level. The cherry hardwood floors apparently weren't on the first floor. We, instead, got industrial berber. With lots of gross stains. Lots of other perks came along with the first floor. We got people peeing on our windows, we got to go outside at 1am to break up fights that were right outside our bedroom window, we got to hear AND feel the front door to the building close every time someone went in or out. WHAT WAS I THINKING????? So, within the first week of living there we started looking for a house. At that point, we didn't care where we long as it wasn't on the first floor of the Joslyn Lofts!
Luckily, we found a great house in a great neighborhood in a great ward and it's close to Target. So, I'm happy! LOL
Here are some pictures of the new place. Of course, this is the sellers furniture but they show the house.

Here is the front of the house:

The entryway, looking back at the front door:

The entryway, looking in to the living room:

Living Room:

Dining area (it's an eat-in kitchen):

From dining area, looking into the living room:

Looking into the kitchen:

In the kitchen- yes, we will be making big changes in the kitchen soon:

There is a 1000 sq. ft. finished basement which we love:

There are a lot more pictures but I don't want to bore anyone. I think sometimes pictures that are of interest to us, are not so interesting to others. LOL


Pat said...

Thanks for updating. I can't imagine how hard all these changes have been for you. Callie's tribute was wonderful. Keep posting! Love ya, Aunt Pat

Oh yeah, your mom and I are going to lunch tomorrow! I'm excited!

stephanie said...

Thanks for the pictures of your home. It helps to see where you are living. It looks so nice. I'm so glad that it is a good neighborhood and ward---and Target is nearby. You are very welcome for the zebra furry, diamond flip-flop slippers---I thought they were so you! Love hearing from you.

Heather and Kyle said...

Love your house.

Rendi said...

Looks great...definitely a step up from the old digs in Carpentersville!

The Stromberg Epic said...

LOVE your blog, so cute! That's so sad that the loft idea couldn't have been a better experience.
What does your husband do for his career?