Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Got Croup

OK, sing it with me!

I like big coughs and I cannot lie.
You other babies can't deny.
When a baby sits down with an itty bitty frown
And a red nose like a clown
You get steam - from the shower
Sit in the bathroom for an hour.
To loosen all the goop.
Baby got Croup.

Yep, that's right. The boy is sick. AGAIN! This time he has croup. I mean, is it too much to ask to have him healthy for a week? I guess so.

So he got to spend some time sitting on Daddy's lap and watching some Baby Einstein....On The Go. It's his favorite one. It has the bus (which is what he is pointing at) and the fire engine and all the cars.... he sat there and watched the whole thing and never moved. So you know he must not be feeling well if he stayed put for almost 40 min.

We went to the Dr. today and they gave him an oral steroid- which he didn't like too much since it was grape flavored. Which boggles Tracy's mind. Grape is Tracy's favorite flavor and since Xander is such a carbon copy of Tracy, it is pretty shocking that there is a difference in their tastes.

After we got home from the Dr. he decided he needed to make some calls to Zurich to move some money around. He had his bank on the line on the purple phone and his broker on the cell phone. All while trying to drive....good thing he wasn't in a school zone!


Erica said...

Oh poor baby Xander! Caleb had croup last year. No fun!!! Poor littel guy! I know how you feel with the sick kids. Bailey has been sick the last couple days and Caleb woke up this morning with 103 temp so off to the drs today I go...again. I feel your pain. Give Xander big hugs and kisses. Love the song by the way!!!! You could go places with that.

Evie said...

Oh, poor baby! Hayli loves Little Einsteins too! You are so creative with your song... =0)

Pat said...

Sorry about the croup, but loved the song!! You have so many hidden talents! Aunt Pat

stephanie said...

So sorry Xander---get better soon! All four of my kids have had croup at least once. Nice song, Shanyn. I love the picture of him on the phones and driving!!