Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Fisher Price Play Date

So we had the play date on Saturday. It went really well. Even though we were in the middle of Hurricane Ike. It was raining so hard....It was nothing like what Tammy experienced in the Houston area, I am sure. But everyone that came was soaking wet. I was very grateful that everyone braved the weather and was safe in their travels. Here are some pictures from the play date.

Luke, Brit, Kelley, Madison, Noah, Michelle, Mark and Tina

Reese, Madelyn, Luke and Xander

Joy, Reese, Noah, Michelle and Kristina

Logan was having a GREAT time!

Kelley, Cameron and Madison

This is Logan (on the blanket) and Madelyn.
Reese is in the background.

This is
a picture of the rain. Xander loved going out there with Daddy.

This is Kelley with Cameron.

This is Luke (red shirt) and Madelyn and Xander and half of Tracy.

This is Luke and Madelyn (with Luke's mom, Brit)

Luke, Noah (striped shirt) and Kristina and Xander in the back.

Luke, Xander and Cameron (with his mom, Kelley) and Tracy's legs.


stephanie said...

Looks fun. I bet that was a great "play date" for the moms, too! Ike was huge. It's hard to believe it can dump so much water.

Erica said...

Fun Fun! Looks like some fun toys from Fisher-Price. Glad you all weren't affected much by Ike.

Evie said...


It looks like everyone had fun! I wanna go to one of these! So jealous! =0)